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The Imperfectly Ordinary Trilogy

The author, Robert Benjamin, writes, “In the beginning I was just like any other war baby kid…born in 1944 while my father was on duty somewhere in the Pacific. No one will ever know how long it took before one or another of the members of my family first began to suspect that little Bobby was different. One thing is certain…it wasn’t me. By the time I was five years old, somebody had most certainly noticed (you can read about that over on my About Being Different page), but it never occurred to me that I might be anything but a perfectly ordinary boy growing up in a town near Boston surrounded by Mom and Dad, two complete sets of grandparents, aunts and uncles beyond counting, and a steadily increasing roster of younger siblings, cousins and the children of couples from the church.

It did not occur to me that I could read things, imagine things, converse about things, make things that were beyond the reach of those other children. Can’t everybody do that? Long before I first thought to ask my elders about such things it seems that the family had pretty well closed ranks in agreement that it would not do to let me grow up to discover that in fact everybody could not do that.

They did a fine job of it. By the time I had grown old enough to wonder what being a teenager was going to feel like, I knew better than to ask. Just then, my family moved to the village of Essex, Massachusetts, where I would spend the years I would come to treasure as my time of growing up. It was there that I lived through the experiences I have shared in my first book, A Gift of Dreams , Book One of the Imperfectly Ordinary trilogy.

In I Promised You Daisies, Book Two of the trilogy, I recount discovering that many of the lessons about preparing for life as an adult I’d worked so hard to learn were the wrong ones. I Promised You Daisies is my story of coming of age during The Sixties, of being the different young adult struggling to deal with limitless self-doubt, not yet able to understand what I would finally be called to do in life.

Book Three, Side Door To Heaven, is scheduled by my publisher for release soon. Through those pages I will invite you to share my experiences of having life crumble into and threaten to fall away through my fingers…again. Side Door To Heaven tells a part of the story that stretches over a longer period of time. It begins in 1973, when I made the life changing decision that followed events you can read about in I Promised You Daisies, and continues on into the present. Book Three offers some answers, along with the story of how I came to discover what my life was really supposed to be about. I hope you will be waiting right here, ready to hear that the time has come for me to share the rest of the story with you.

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