The Imperfectly Ordinary Trilogy is the story of his life’s journey beyond the contradictions and denials of a strict New England Puritan upbringing, to the hard-won understanding of what had made him the way he was. Robert A. Benjamin re-invented himself around his acknowledgement that he had been blessed with the soul of an artist and his acceptance of what he had been called to do with that gift.


A Gift of Dreams, the first volume of author Robert A. Benjamin's trilogy Imperfectly Ordinary, recounts his experiences as an uncommonly bright child of small town America with an abiding interest in airplanes, and explains what it feels like to realize that you are the one who will always be different. Since those boyhood days, Mr. Benjamin has found himself driven to discover what he ought to do about that, and in time he came to understand that it was his calling in life to become a writer. This is his story, which continues with I Promised You Daisies and concludes with the soon to be released Side Door to Heaven.


A Gift of


Imagine a New England seacoast village, ordinary enough in our traditions of dark-shuttered, white-painted old houses on quiet tree-lined streets and the tall granite Civil War memorial on its grassy plot beside the Town Hall...

I Promised You


For all of us who came of age during the time of Woodstock, hippies and Vietnam, our paths into adult life were more perilous than they might have been a few innocent years earlier...

Side Door To


What would you do if the end of a promising childhood as the son of a conservative old New England family found you fighting to recover from being a college dropout, skirting the sharp edge…

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