What’s going on here?

What’s going on here?

This is all about gifted children, especially about the issue of unacknowledged gifted children , and especially about my experiences as one of them. It is also a place for all of you to discuss your understanding of what gifted children are…and what they are not…and most important, about the things you can do to help them.

I wear two hats in this outfit. I have offered myself up for your scrutiny as an example of the gifted kid who got overlooked and of what happened to me as I grew up, and I am inviting you to share and enjoy the products of my work as a writer. It has always been my intention that in addition to serving as a testament to my experiences of being too smart for my own good, my written work will stand on its own merit as something you will want to read, something that will leave its own mark on your memories and make you wonder, and remember, and imagine…

Let’s talk about using this blog as a place where both come together. I’m betting that somewhere in the pages of A Gift of Dreams or I Promised You Daisies there is a scene, a passage, something that will resonate with you about your experiences. This is my invitation to share that experience with the rest of us. Whether or not it is specifically about gifted kids, I’m asking you to sign in and sound off about the way something I wrote connected with you. Who wants to be first?

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  1. Sarah says:

    I saw a comment made by someone at giftedkids.about.com about your book and just had to find out more about you and your books. I’m fascinated! Keep up the great work. I’ll be following your blog, Sarah

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