Making up for the loss…

What should I write…and why should I write that?  Well, there are books and then there are essays and articles and blogs, all of them headed toward the same goal, but leading me along different and varied paths to get there. 

Over the past twenty five years or so I have written many, many technical/special interest articles for various model aviation magazines.  I’ve lost count of the total. Right now I have four new ones in the works, for two different publications… but…that’s another story for another time. Anything you may have read from the Imperfectly Ordinary trilogy so far is about what it felt like to go through life that way. Blogs like this one permit me to share my reflections on how it feels now to look back with some understanding of what was going on., and that’s a big part of what admitting to being imperfectly ordinary is all about. 

In reading A Gift of Dreams and I Promised You Daisies you’ll find one allusion after another to the things I expected to be called on to do in life. I wrote about them to convey the mindset in which I experienced them…adventures and obligations and accomplishments that were likely to become real at some time in my future.  When Side Door to Heaven is ready for publication, you will be able to read about how I came to accept that many of those things would never be more than missed opportunties. That was not an easy lesson to learn.  I am still not at all at ease with it, but I am becoming comfortable that writing the books of the trilogy and sharing some of my more recent insights in blogs like this  are a good way to make up for some of the things the gifted child I was might have grown up to accomplish..  It’s a story I must tell.

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